• Pillin Pottery Dish
  • Pillin Pottery Squat vase
  • Pillin Pottery Bowl
  • Pillin Pottery Tall Vase
  • Pillin Pottery Plate

What is Pillin Pottery?

Polia Pillin produced art ceramics in California from 1948 through 1991.

Polia (pronounced POY-Yah) began making her unique style of ceramics in 1948 in the garage of her home in Los Angeles. Her pottery was sold across the United States in small gift shops or galleries. Her style is typically described as Byzantine, Picasso-esque, or as having similarities to the work of Chagal. Considered one of the premiere contemporary studio potters of the 20th century, Polia's work is in great demand by collectors across the country and beyond. Her artwork perfectly meshes with the mid-century modern movement, and is a favorite with decorators of the genre.

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